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Project Description

Battle blocks is a simple, fast paced, multiplayer, first person shooter engine I'm building/using to create a game inspired by the likes of Unreal Tournament. Development is going to focus on support for the Oculus Rift (, a very exciting piece of virtual reality hardware.

I'm using voxels in Battle Blocks for a number of reasons:

  • cuts down on the art work required to actually produce the game (I'm no artist!). This means I can focus on post processing techniques
  • environmental destruction
  • levels can be either generated programmatically or made using the editor that will ship with the game

The Battle Blocks engine is still in it's infancy, but so far the has the following:

  • perlin noise based terrain generation
  • deferred rendering
  • SSAO
  • dynamic shadow mapping
  • point, spot and directional lighting
  • component object system

Please check the documentation tab for build notes

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